Interior Design

Why work with an interior designer?

Interior designers do more than replace old with new; they are not personal shoppers checking off items a list. True, designing a room usually includes new furnishings, flooring, lighting, window treatments and paint colors, as well as a new space plan. But there is much that goes into designing a room before any purchasing can take place.

The home, when completed, needs to speak to the homeowner’s personality and lifestyle, so that when they are home, they are in their favorite place to be. At Suzan J Designs, we ask, we listen, we research, we design, we procure and we manage – that is how we offer the best in full service interior design. Our Super Power – being able to see something that isn’t yet there – is also our Intellectual Property, and that is what is so sought after throughout Southeast Wisconsin and beyond.

Our discerning clients are too busy to spend their free time trying to do it all themselves; they want to do the things they enjoy doing – dinners, travel, concerts, sporting events – and leave the heavy lifting to us.

Reasons for Needing Interior Design Services

Buying a new home or condo that has great bones but needs to be brought into the 21st century? We’ll have in-depth discussions on how to bring elegance and luxury into a dated home.

Entering a different phase of life and want to start fresh with a different design aesthetic? We’ll have some fun taking you outside of your comfort zone and create a whole new look for you.

There are many reasons for hiring an interior designer: Perhaps you’re in a great neighborhood that has an amazing school system, but the house is starting to show its wear and tear, or no longer functions well for your family. Or you’ve worked hard and are now at a different stage in life, and you’re ready to have a more luxurious home environment. With our interior design services, we get your home where it needs to be – refreshed, refined and well appointed.

The goal for Suzan J Designs is to create a space you love, that is collected, curated and speaks to your lifestyle, all while making the whole process easy for our clients. We take the pieces of your puzzle and create your story.

These are just some of the many pieces that go into making your home your own sanctuary:


  • Space Planning
  • Research and Design
  • Curating Furniture and Lighting
  • Rugs, Window Treatments, Artwork, Accessories
  • Managing the ordering, tracking and delivery of your new home environment
  • Paint color
  • Determine/Discuss whether renovations are needed
  • Recommending our quality trade partners to help make your dream a reality


Let us tell your story. Call Suzan J Designs at 414.967.1992, or complete the Contact Us form.


Curated Design Just For You

No two clients are alike, therefore no two designs of ours are alike. Everything we design and select is based on each clients’ style and preferred aesthetics.

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