About Us

Suzan J Designs is a full service interior design studio. We specialize in whole home interior design, but also work on projects in which just a couple of rooms need top to bottom help.

Over the last ten years, we have come to realize that many of our clients want to stay in their home, but it’s looking tired and dated. Oftentimes the location is still ideal for them, and the overall square footage is good, but the home no longer works for their needs. Our goal is to take what is good (square footage, or hardwood floors for example) and redefine the home so that the clients can love their home again.

suzan-j-designsOn the other side of the coin are those clients that are ready for a change. Empty nesters, those that have relocated because of jobs, and those that have just found their forever home – but have found that their homes are not quite up to their standards. We see this often, whether it’s a home built in the late 90s, a new(ish) condo with builder grade surfaces, or vintage homes that need life breathed back into them – this is where we shine and give our clients a truly custom design experience.

Suzan Wemlinger, principal interior designer and creative director, loves creating that “just right” space for a client, often custom designing the perfect piece of furniture that will be the showpiece of the room. She also partners extensively with local artisans, craftsmen and architects to ensure that every aspect of the client’s needs are met, and the design is truly one of a kind.

Every room tells a story. Our goal is to take the pieces of your puzzle and tell that story so that you can Love Your Home Again.