A different kind of photo shoot!

I’m used to photo shoots, having done dozens in the last few years. We shoot many of my projects every year, and I am very involved in every aspect of the shoots – from styling to angles to editing. So it was a little different having Milwaukee’s own M Magazine come to my studio to do a shoot in which I was just an observer. I was recently interviewed by the mag after they saw one of my makeovers – a small powder room reno, where I used a modern metallic wallpaper – on houzz.com. They’ll be doing a little write-up on the trend of metallics in wallpaper, and sent staff photographer Matt Haas over to work his magic on some rolls of the stuff. Matt got right to work, and it was fun to watch his creative process. I snapped a few pics myself, and I can’t wait to see which photo M’s editor Jen Hunholz ends up using!

Watch for the article and photo in M Magazine’s May issue!


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