Prepare your backyard for a Labor Day party

Labor Day, one of the final days of summer, may be a little different this year. You might not have the chance to see community fireworks, attend a parade or head to the beach to soak up the end of summer sun, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate. You can throw your own intimate backyard bash for the holiday, as long as you practice safe social distancing.

We can all agree that a relaxing Labor Day get-together is well deserved across the country. If you’re interested in inviting a few close friends and family members over for a small soiree, consider the following tips for preparing and decorating for the occasion:

1. Set the tone on the front porch

A great first impression goes a long way; consider the front of your home the smile on your face when you meet someone new for the first time. You’re likely throwing the get-together in the backyard, but decorating the front porch or patio area of your home can get guests excited about the party and set the right tone for the rest of the day.

2. Clean up your backyard

The last thing you want is to present a backyard that’s not inviting from the moment guests arrive. Make sure you set aside time before the party to take care of the landscaping and yard work you’ve been putting off. Something as simple as a fresh cut lawn can make a huge difference for the look and feel of your outdoor patio area.

3. Help your guests feel comfortable with a cozy and safe seating arrangement

While giving your guests a comfortable place to retreat and relax should be the top priority, it’s very important to respect social distancing guidelines during these uncertain times. Consider your current situation – does your furniture provide enough area for visitors to get comfortable? Also, is there enough space between your seating options for people to mingle without getting too close? Do you need to add extra tables for your guests, so they can enjoy a meal while maintaining safe distances? These are important factors to consider as you plan and prepare for the party. A seating arrangement that allows guests to get comfortable and respect each other’s personal space is key.

4. Have fun with accents

At the end of the day, you can’t let the meaning of the party fall by the wayside. Don’t forget to show off your appreciation for the for the day with some patriotic accessories. The plasticware, cups and other paper products, as well as streamers and balloons are essential, but you can also incorporate stylish design features to your cozy set up as well. A gorgeous deep blue outdoor area rug can bring comfort to your feet while a few red and white throw pillows on the patio furniture can set the tone for the party if the goal is to sit back, relax and socialize.

5. Contact Suzan J Designs for more assistance

As the weather starts to change and fall arrives, you’ll be spending more time indoors. If you’re struggling with where to start, or are simply feeling less creative and you’re looking for assistance, contact us at Suzan J Designs.

Based on your comfort level, we can come to your home for a consultation or you can discuss your ideas over the phone or video chat. From there, we’ll develop a game plan for redecorating that involves picking the picture-perfect furniture, accessories and other details you may have overlooked by taking on this project alone.

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