Vacation Home Kitchen

Location: Lac La Belle, WI

Designer Credits: Suzan Wemlinger

Project Overview:

This vacation home needed a major facelift so new flooring, cabinets, countertops and lighting were called for. The total gut of the kitchen, including removing the header and side wall, allowed me to give the room a fresh new look – clean and crisp is what we wanted. Now, it’s much more inviting and livable.

Vacation Home Kitchen

These lovely clients of mine bought a little cottage on the lake as a vacation home. He works in commercial real estate, so felt that they could handle the major renovation of this whole home. After they started on the exterior and replaced windows, they realized they were in over their head and called me. The home hadn’t been updated since the 70s, so it was in pretty sad shape.

Problem layout

The kitchen layout needed to stay the same for the most part, so there were some issues we had to work around – the island seemed to just be stuck in the middle of the room, and there wasn’t enough cabinet storage. The entire kitchen needed to be gutted, and new flooring had to be installed as well. Since this was a vacation home, they didn’t want to break the bank – but still wanted it welcoming. They wanted a light and airy look – “clean and crisp” was what I kept in mind as I designed this home.

The island stayed basically where it was, but making it an L shape and 2 tiered allowed it to be used for seating as well as cooking. I determined that the header separating the kitchen and dining areas was a deterrent, not allowing a more open concept, so I designed the space with the idea of removing the header and side wall. This also allowed better movement around the island, and gave us room to install a cabinet in the corner of the kitchen – great for storing dishes and linens.

New engineered wood flooring was installed – a dark finish to offset the clean and fresh pallet used throughout. Pendants that matched the dining light fixture added a touch of uniqueness, and bar stools with distressed seats gave it a slightly modern vibe for this young family.

I kept the new main cabinets white, with a gray quartz top, and the new island in a soft gray with a light and airy countertop.