Statement Hallway

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Designer Credits: Suzan Wemlinger

Project Overview:

This space was not a foyer but a hallway that leads to the main open concept living area. It needed to make a statement. Original artwork is a great conversation starter, so this piece was a perfect way to anchor the design. A custom bench beneath it allows for guests to sit and chat while milling about. A large painted console with gold accents houses the family board games. Atop it sits an oversized mirror – bold, with curved corners and a gold frame, it’s a perfect juxtaposition to the cabinet.

Statement Hallway

Project challenges

Creating a stunning pathway to the main living area of the home. This hallway is not at the entrance to the condo, so it is not the first space guests see when they enter. It’s approximately a 6×10 hallway, and leads to the open concept living, dining and kitchen. One of the issues of this space was the track lighting in the ceiling. It was recessed into a long narrow recess and had zero personality. I wanted this small space to make a statement but still be functional.

Simplicity reigns in this hallway

I wanted to keep the space simple, with understated elegance. I was at an art gallery and saw a piece by an artist I was not familiar with. It was a watery scene, and I was fascinated by it. This
condo has a lake view, and my clients love the water. This piece of art wasn’t quite right for my clients, but I loved the artist’s style. I spoke with the gallery owner, who had another piece by this artist at his other gallery across the country. After showing me a photo of the piece, I felt it was perfect for my clients – it had a serene calmness about it. I showed a photo of it to my clients, and they too fell in love with it. The gallery shipped it here for review and brought it to my client’s home to see it in their space. It was perfect!

I designed a small bench to sit directly under the art. I used a zebra fabric in a champagne color, and had the detailed wood frame of the bench painted in a champagne metallic finish as well. Across from the art and bench, I placed a large cabinet, and placed a simple yet heavy and oversized mirror above it. I researched local shops for the perfect rug, and found this beauty, with its mix of earth tones, aqua and soft pink. The main living area is accented in pink, so the minute amount of pink in the rug was just perfect.