Spacious Master Bath

This spacious master bath had a lot going for it, but it was  dated and not what the new homeowner was looking for. The oversize tub looked clunky, and the expanse of mirror was overpowering.

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Designer Credits: Suzan Wemlinger

Project Overview:

This family of four relocated to our state and found the perfect neighborhood in which to live. They also found a spacious home that had lots to offer. The problem was that it wasn’t in the style that they loved, but more of a traditional home.

Spacious Master Bath


We started off with the master suite, and in particular the spacious master bath.

This very large master bath just did not have much personality, unlike my clients. We needed to make a statement. The tub was dated, and the mirror above the 10 ft long vanity was massive. The clients wanted to keep the flooring, vanity, sinks and faucets, but everything else could go.We had to move a lot of the electrical wiring around because everything was in the vanity wall including a  sound system.

Client involvement

The wife was very involved in the whole process, and wanted the large wall above the vanity to make a statement. We found this amazing glass tile that came in several colors, and selected the color pewter – muted, but stunning all the same. I opted for a large field tile because of the size of the space. With ten foot ceilings, I felt hanging some really cool pendants would be a unique look. Because of all the angles, I opted for two oval swivel mirrors. They played off nicely against the tile and pendants.

I was able to locate floor tile that was almost a perfect match to the existing tile, which was important since we were replacing the tub with a unique freestanding soaker tub. The decorative pendant over the tub was a gift to the wife from her friends that she left behind when she moved. It was important for her to find the perfect home for it. With new granite in place, we were able to re-use the sinks and faucets, and painting the existing cabinetry made the whole space feel new.