Simple Kitchen Renovation

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Designer Credits: Suzan Wemlinger

Project Overview:

This gourmet kitchen had a lot going for it, but the style did not suit the homeowners so a kitchen renovation was planned. The tumbled stone backsplash had a dated look, and the light fixtures were pretty standard issue for such a stunning space. New quartz countertops, white subway backsplash, new window treatments, lighting and seating around the existing table gave the room a whole new look.

Simple Kitchen Renovation

Too traditional

This spacious kitchen had a lot going for it – the layout, its location in relation to the living space, and the view outdoors. The problem was that it was too traditional for this transitional family. The tumbled tile and basic granite did nothing to showcase what a showstopper this kitchen really was. The almost black island was too harsh and stood out in a negative way.

Simple changes make a big difference

The ebonized floors were cool, so we wanted to keep those. We took the traditional granite out and replaced it with a fresh quartz. I painted the island a warm gray, and the cabinets a creamy white. New hardware added to the updated look.

The boring light fixtures were donated, and these new ones, with a shabby chic vibe, made the room more appealing and inviting. The appliance garage was removed, and all of the tumbled stone backsplash was removed as well; white subway was put in its place.

We kept the client’s barstools and I selected a stencil that she stenciled on them. She also kept her dinette table, so I added a bench, two host chairs and two side chairs, all in linen with nail head trim. The legs of these pieces were a light wood stain, so I painted all of them black.

A soft curved cornice offsets all the harsh lines of the kitchen, and a shade was installed underneath to protect from the sun.