Updated Powder Room

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Designer Credits: Suzan Wemlinger

Project Overview:

This family of four relocated to our state and found the perfect neighborhood in which to live. They also found a spacious home that had lots to offer. The problem was that it wasn’t in the style that they loved, but more of a traditional home. The powder room with it’s black bathroom suite was definitely dated.

Updated Powder Room


This small powder room would be used by guests so it was important to make it have a statement. The black fixtures were an eyesore, and the ceiling was painted black as well. The wallpaper, a black and white, created a very heavy look. The mirror was also rather over-sized for a small space.


Removing all the black was the first order of business. Once that was gone, we saw that we could keep the mirror. A marble arabesque tile in 2″ size was brought in to replace the wallpaper. It made quite a dramatic statement. Another pedestal sink, but in white, gave the room a fresh feel. Two simple yet elegant sconces played nicely off the tile. No artwork was needed – the whole room is a piece of art.