Downtown Condo on the lake

Great location but a little dated

Location: Milwaukee Downtown

Designer Credits: Suzan Wemlinger

Project Overview:

This condo had stunning views of both the lake and the city. Large expanses of windows allowed amazing views from every room. The condo, however, did not have an aesthetic that matched its stunning locale. While it was solidly built, it had more of a cookie cutter design, and the clients wanted something that was unique to them.

We donated all of the cabinetry that we removed, then had custom cabinetry built to replace it. This new design functioned better for our clients’ lifestyle and taste.

New floors, fireplace and lighting along with the new kitchen design created a look that was in tune with the clients’ wishlist. The custom furnishings and window treatments were designed solely with the homeowners in mind. No detail was too small to be addressed. Now the view is stunning both inside and out.

Downtown Condo on the lake