Tranquil Bedroom Renovation

The homeowners requested that their bedroom renovation be more functional and elegant.

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Designer Credits: Suzan Wemlinger

Project Overview:

This became a full bedroom renovation with walls and heating vents being moved or removed.

Tranquil Bedroom Renovation

Obstacles to overcome

It was important to stay within the footprint of the rooms. While the room the clients were currently using as their closet was sizable, there were obstacles that we had to overcome.
There had been a small closet within this room, a linen closet outside in the hallway and a chimney. These all had to be removed to give us the proper space to re-build the closet. Additionally, the wife’s sizable shoe and clothing collection had to be housed in such a way that she could easily see her items. The master bedroom portion of the suite had its own challenge, as the clients wanted a king bed and two nightstands in a space less than twelve feet wide. Finally, since there was a bathroom right outside the bedroom, we had to move walls and doors so that it became part of the master suite.

Custom was the way to go

Once the old closets and chimney were removed and new heat vents installed in the walls, the construction could begin. Because the closet is so open, it was important to the homeowners that the closet look as elegant as the bedroom. All of the cabinetry was custom made based on my design. Two islands were built and installed – one for husband and wife. One of the windows had a built-in window seat with storage, but we re-built this so that the storage was drawers rather than on top (where the cushions would have to be removed each time they needed access). We mimicked this design and created a second window seat under the other window. The old closet across from the bed was changed to a built-in with extra storage and TV space. We changed the entrance into the bedroom so that the bathroom was part of the suite. Two different sized nightstands flanked the new upholstered bed.

Needless to say our clients were very happy, especially with their huge custom closet!